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CRS are capable of installing a wide variety of attenuation systems to facilitate the storage, release and redirection of water. Attenuation solutions are designed to help control water flow, combat flooding and ease stress inflicted upon existing infrastructure by excess water. Some of the attenuation services we can provide include:

  • Planning and installation of bespoke large reinforced concrete tanks made from high-grade concrete
  • Oversized pipes and culverts for the transportation and diversion of large quantities of water and other substances such as sewage
  • Soakaway/attenuation crates to help control water levels and redirect water to drainage systems
  • Ponds and artificial swales to collect and distribute water
  • Headwalls to connect piping to waterways
  • Soakaways to ease strain on existing drainage systems and redirect excess water


""I am now on my 2nd development working with CRS. The first site was Springfields in Highburton, Huddersfield which was 72 houses completed between August 2017..."

Andrew Wilson, Project Manager, Redrow Homes Limited

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Nick Pennington, CRS

""CRS came to our aid when we had a particularly difficult situation to overcome. Over a three year period I came to know and rely..."

Martin Adamson, Director, Site 4 Investments

""I have worked with CRS over the last 3 years and would have no hesitation to recommend them to any other new housing developer. I..."

Richard Cadman, Head of Construction, Redrow Homes Limited

""I've worked with CRS for a number of years on a variety of developments. I've always found CRS and the team professional and most importantly..."

Dion Sykes, Contracts Manager, Redrow Homes

""At Berkeley Deveer we endeavour to deliver a quality product for our customers, CRS have been working alongside us for the past 3 years on..."

Jason Albrecht, Senior Contracts Manager, Berkeley Deveer

""I have worked with CRS over the last 15 years and would recommend them to any house building organisation. They are very proactive and look..."

Noel Adams, Managing Director, Harron Homes Yorkshire